Our Philosophy

We are here to create change. The commercial pet food industry has put our pets' health at risk for far too long. We would like to empower you through education and the understanding of species appropriate nutrition so that you can make better informed decisions on how to feed your four legged family members. We encourage you to take charge of your pets' health, wellness and vitality. If you are new to biologically appropriate feeding, we are proud to serve as a catalyst and comprehensive resource for this change. If you have been doing this for awhile, we'd love for you to share your thoughts, questions, concerns, ideas and experiences with us. Welcome to the Planet!

We are independent and family owned. We take great pride in researching every single product we carry before putting it on our shelves. We choose manufacturers who are transparent about their sourcing, their processes and are conscious of the environment. We aren't here to offer you a dizzying array of options. Rather, we have selected what we believe to be the best of the best. There is no reason for us to carry fifty of the same 'type' of product when there are two or three that really stand out with respect to quality and purpose. So, we take those two or three and make them available to you.

A Healthy Immune System

A healthy immune system - a novel concept for modern medicine.

The truth is that the modern day pet owner has been fooled one way or another by marketing or an uneducated veterinarian that a constant flow of toxic chemicals is the answer to good health. So they recommend cancerous prescription dog food binded with polyethylene, neurotoxic flea medicine, poisonous vaccines, and deadly heartworm preventatives. In fact, heartworm preventatives have killed more dogs this year than dogs that have been diagnosed with an actual heart worm infestation.

Remember, parasitic, bacterial and fungal infections can be easily held at bay by a functioning, healthy immune system. But do we ever allow our dogs’ immune system to actually get to an optimal state where it can readily fight off infection? The unfortunate answer for the vast majority of pets is a resounding, NO.

What happens instead is that most of today’s pets are constantly suffering from metabolic stress that is caused by what we put into and onto their bodies. Yes, it’s time to look in the mirror and ask, “Am I really creating remarkable health or am I just feeding disease?” Are you giving your dog flea medicine, heart worm meds, antibiotics, steroids and other unnecessary drugs? Are you putting toxic shampoos on them because the packaging looks cool and it smells really good? Are you reading the labels at all? Are you feeding your pet a species appropriate diet or are you simply buying a $20 bag (simply because it was inexpensive) of chemically preserved food laced with pesticides & GMO grains infested with mycotoxins, from proteins that are unfit for human consumption and contain the bi products of dead dying and diseased animals and feeding that to your dog on a daily basis? If you are, then you should understand at what cost.

While your dog’s immune system is busy fighting against a diet of toxic food and chemicals - fungus, parasites and inflammation are free to overgrow and increase at-will because your animal’s natural defenses are already taxed to the limit.

It could quite possibly be that the very things we are giving to our dogs to prevent these ailments are actually creating and perpetuating disease in our dogs and cats.

It’s not too late to turn that around. Visit us at Carnivore Planet and get started on a healthy, whole foods, non-GMO, species and biologically appropriate diet which will get your pet’s immune system and flora back to the healthy, functioning, bacteria and disease fighting machine that it should be!

The best food is in our freezers
We chose to name our business Carnivore Planet because we understand that our canine and feline family members are carnivores. Since fresh, raw meat is the most appropriate way to feed a carnivore, it is definitely our main focus. So, if you've ever asked yourself, "what is the absolute best food for my dog or cat?" Well, the answer to that is in our freezer aisle. For those of you who have never fed raw before, there's no need to be apprehensive at all. Our educated staff will guide you in the right direction and show you that feeding raw is actually much easier and more cost effective than you might have previously imagined. We have raw in all shapes, sizes and convenience levels. From pre-cut, pre-weighed & separated patties, to bars, nuggets, meat loafs, cubes, chubs and bulk whole meats. We have raw meals that are 100% meat bone and organ based. We also have raw meals that contain various percentages of organic fruits and vegetables. Some of our raw diets are pathogen free (guaranteed no salmonella, e-coli or listeria) for dogs or humans in the household who may be immune compromised. We even have ultra low glycemic formulas for our diabetic companions. On top of that, we offer volume discounts for multiple or large dog owners who don't mind purchasing in quantity. Rest assured, our pre-made raw meals have the proper proportion of muscle meat, organ meat and bone to exceed nutritional levels of an alpha pack leader dog in the wild and satisfy that ever important calcium-phosphorous ratio!


Shelf Stable Raw Diets
For the pet owner who still wants to feed RAW but doesn't have the freezer or refrigerator space and needs a shelf-stable raw product, we have several lines of freeze dried raw options that can be served as-is or re-hydrated with water. These are perfect for travel, camping or on those occasions where you either run out of raw or forget to defrost the night before. You can feed freeze dried raw and know that you are not changing diet because freeze dried is real, RAW meat!


Finest selection of natural, dry food

We understand that not everyone can feed RAW full time for various reasons. So, we have chosen to carry a select few, natural and holistic dry kibbles. You won't find big box brands here, nor will you find aisle upon aisle of dry food in our store. You can be confident that we've selected our kibble using the same scrutiny we use when choosing our RAW products. This means that it is imperative the food align with our philosophy of sourcing great ingredients, minimizing impact on nutrients during processing and maintaining impeccable sanitation standards so that your pets and family's safety are never compromised. We carry the upper tier, the best of the best dry kibbles on the market today.


The smaller the better

Where are our big 50lb bags of dog food? We don't have any. The fact is, the second you open up a bag of kibble, the clock starts ticking. Oxidation begins immediately. Oxygen, moisture, light, mold spores, bugs, storage mites and other potential spoilers and pathogens enter the bag. The brands we carry will contain natural antioxidants to help delay this process; but our rule of thumb is that if you don't consume your bag of dry food within 14 days then you are not taking full advantage of the nutrients that you paid for. Keeping an open bag of kibble around for an extended period will not only compromise its nutrition content but can make the food toxic. Fats, especially omega 3's, are extremely fragile and begin turning rancid quickly. Studies show that frequent consumption of oxidized fats may cause cancer and chronic health problems. Micro nutrient degradation of vitamin A, most forms of folate, some forms of vitamin B6, vitamin C and pantothenic acid all suffer from loss of potency due to long term room temperature storage. Even worse, storing open bags of kibble in warm, humid areas (such as the kitchen) promotes mold growth. Waste products from these molds (mycotoxins) are being increasingly implicated as long-term cancer causing agents and dogs are particularly susceptible to these toxins. When dry kibble absorbs moisture from the surrounding air, the antimicrobials used by manufactures to delay mold growth are almost always overwhelmed when the bags are left open for too long. The molds that consume pet food include the Aspergillus flavus mold, which produces Alfatoxin B1, the most potent naturally occurring carcinogenic substance known to man. Unfortunately, people can't see low levels of mold with the naked eye and most dogs can't taste it. While some dogs have died shortly after eating mycotoxin-contaminated foods, mycotoxins kill most dogs slowly by suppressing the immune system and causing long term health problems in the body. So, when purchasing your next bag of kibble, remember - smaller is better and fresh is best!

No Dry Cat Food
With Feline Urinary Tract Disorder FEUTD being the most commonly diagnosed but fully preventable disease in cats today, we cannot in good faith endorse a diet that directly contributes to it. Two of the main causes of struvite crystals in cats are a diet low in moisture and high in carbohydrates. A high carbohydrate diet leads to greater inflammation as well as insulin spikes that are responsible for diabetes. Remember, grain free doesn't mean carbohydrate free. A carbohydrate and cereal grain "meat flavored" diet is extremely harmful to your cats internal organs. It wreaks havoc on your cats kidneys, liver, and bladder and it would be irresponsible for us to sell it to you. Cats are obligate carnivores and have no dietary need for carbohydrates and it can in fact be extremely detrimental to their health in a very short amount of time. Also, cats have one of the lowest thirst drives of all species because nature designed them to assimilate water from their food sources. Feeding them a dry diet contradicts what nature intended and can very quickly lead to chronic low grade dehydration and a host of other issues. With that said, we do not and will not carry dry cat food. If you are currently on a dry diet, we encourage you to do your own research or simply come in and chat with one of us. We will happily get you on the right track for a happy, healthy, moisture and protein rich diet for your feline.


Our promise
We pride ourselves in taking every effort to ensure the quality of our food, treats and supplements. Even after we decide on a product, we continue to check in with the manufacturer on any formulaic or process changes that occur within the lines we have now or may carry down the road. If at any point we feel that quality or safety has been compromised in any way, we will stop carrying it immediately. It's that simple.

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