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Our focus is whole body wellness from the inside-out to help your pets thrive and reach their genetic potential.

We created Carnivore Planet as a catalyst for change. To transform not only the way people see their animals but the manner in which they approach their nutrition . To empower dog and cat owners to make better, more informed decisions when it comes food, supplementation and non chemical alternatives. To grasp the fact that nutrition is the foundation to health and the realization that what we feed our animals, dramatically influences their wellness.

A commercial diet of dry, processed, dead, inorganic food-like substance in a bag has continued to expose our canines and felines to toxins for far too long. It's done nothing but perpetuate ill-health and problematic symptoms. Marketing has lead us to believe that convenience and price point is more important than quality, safety and bio-availability. They keep us more concerned with why real, whole food is so expensive; rather than having us question why a commercially processed diet is so cheap? Well, enough is enough. We challenge you to take charge of your four legged family member's health today!

Greatly reduce metabolic stress, premature aging and the physical manifestations of complications that arise from a processed diet by feeding naturally. Avoid artificial ingredients, bi-products, salts, sugars, dyes, soluble carbohydrates and chemical preservatives by feeding a diet nature intended!

We are advocates of biologically and species appropriate diets with a holistic approach to nutrition and supplementation. We believe in the ancestral diet, which includes raw, unprocessed food from free range, antibiotic free, hormone free, and cage free USDA human grade, NON-GMO fed, naturally raised meats. We pride ourselves in choosing manufacturers that also use fresh, certified organic produce. We also emphasize in protein rotation, not only for variety but to benefit from the diversity of amino acids in different prey species.  Fresh, whole living foods is where it's at! Living enzymes, untouched amino acids, stable omegas and so on! So, if you're looking for the absolute best, mosey on down our freezer aisle. Our transparent, upright glass-door freezers conveniently  display our vast assortment of fresh food options for your pet!

We have the largest selection of raw food for dogs and cats in Southern California and in quantities other retailers do not have the capacity to store. Come grab a bag of patties, a case of chubs or an entire pallet! We've got what you need - in stock now!

If you are unable to feed a raw diet full time, don't fret,  you still have options. From lightly cooked, to freeze dried and dehydrated. Let us help you select a diet that fits your budget and lifestyle. Additionally, we've handpicked a select few, very high quality dry food lines for you to choose from. From grain-free to synthetic free , lightly extruded to baked kibble and everything in between! We have all natural, holistic foods alternatives that you won't find at big box stores.

Interested in an in-depth evaluation? Perhaps a customized meal plan that is tailored specifically to your dogs needs? Schedule an appointment with our canine nutritionist and together we can design a recipe for health, wellness and vitality!

We are a full service facility.  We offer daycare, boarding, full service grooming and professional obedience training. Give us a call or stop on by!


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